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...so long as Vengance has hot water bottles.

Firecat Masquerade.


Just a brief note, to introduce myself and promote what we do.  I hope people are interested. :)


Firecat-Masquerade is run by Dominic Carroll - fine entertainer, craftsman and now entrepreneur, to promote his own skills and the skills of a network of fine entertainers.

If you're interested in made-to-measure Carnivale masks or high-quality performance art for an event or party, please: Email Him or contact him using the details at the bottom of the page, and he'll be happy to discuss the project.

As well as making quality bespoke carnival masks to your own brief, Firecat Masquerade provides :

  • Entertainers for clubs, gigs, parties and festivals
  • A number of talented performers and contacts
  • Everything from stilt walking to horror magic; singers; models; events organisers; storytellers; musicians and dancers

http://www.firecat-masquerade.com/images/contentimages/moonmask_with_frame.jpg an image of a firecat looking straigh at the camera http://www.firecat-masquerade.com/images/contentimages/lexiconmask_with_frame.jpg

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