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leather mask making.

i have a book on leather mask making, but its long and involved processes. i was wondering if anyone knew of any simple tutorials out there. i found one a while back that said something like "soak the leather so you can sculpt it then let it dry and paint". but now now i cant find it. so do you know of any good websites to check out for tips and inspiration, or does anyone wanna break it down for me plain and simple? i plan on going to the leather store tomorrow before work! thanks :o)
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what book? how good are the instructions?

sorry, i don't have anything useful to say...
sorry, I have no clue... I work in plaster of paris, mostly....
If you look here (http://www.livejournal.com/community/masqueradeball/49495.html) you will find the tutorial I posted.
This might help: