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i'm on the cadge again.... as usual.

Mask_makers wish list
If any of you need anything else, tell me, and I’ll add it to the list. Then, if I find it, I can buy it and send it to you, if it’s feasible. Sound a good idea?

Paint brushes of various sizes. (Mine snapped the other day, and I have to use it stuck together with duct tape), if there’s any old ones kicking about that aren’t used, etc.
Plaster bandage
Acrylic paints
Skeleton leaves
Flexible Stencils
Masking tape
Inch thick ribbon
Old ‘sleeper’ earrings or loops
Plastic surgical gloves (for I’m incapable of letting paint dry on my hands, or glue. I hate it)
Old off-cuts of material such as velvet or satin

someday, I'll actually -get- a job. y'know, one of those things you get paid for?

Basically, anything you no longer have use for, that you think I could use. I’ll incorporate pretty much anything into my work, but to be honest (and I hate saying this) I have no money for resources, and any of the stuff I had before that would have done has been long since lost in moving house, or damaged in a house fire we had a couple of years ago.
My town is small, and I have no real shops. We have around one art shop, which is very small, and orientated around ready made kits more than anything.

And on the things you need- it would be fairly easy to get hold of some things, as my school art department has a lot of odds and ends.
I can get mirrored Perspex, tissue paper in many colours, felt off cuts, sequins and chain mail like links.
My local gift shop sells plastic shaped confetti, of which you can buy in small bags- there is a good quantity in there.
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