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art! Stegosauri!, Free art materials!

Today, we, or rather vlad made the clay mould out of my plaster of paris one. He said that by the time he'd shown me, he'd be done, so i pulled up a seat and talked to him as he showed me how to do it 'for next time'. it was the first time i'd watched the new rolling machine used, or even noticed it was there. there have been a lot of changes since miss Frankland left (including me being able to wear my tonguestud up until friday morning before having to take it out for sport. the impression seemed to be going well, and there was much laughter once we turned it over to the plaster side, and found a lot had come out of the holes in the nose, making it look like a mummy with a cold. It was no way near shrinking off the sides of the mould during the time I was there, so he's going to take it out tomorrow, and put another one in, before firing them both for me. *blink* what did I do to deserve such kindness? i'm not even an art student in the proper sense. i don't pay for lessons, or the art materials!
that's not even the half of it.

Chicken wire stegosaurus

he decided i was going to try yet another new medium, as I had an afternoon free. so, I found myself deviating from the masks quite a bit. how does a stegosaurus sound to you? I've already made the frame out of chicken wire, scratching my arm to shreds, it needs chickenwire scales making, and then I need to cover it in a layer or two of plaster bandage, before taking it over to the 'art' art block, and painting it with acrylics. Vlad is either joking or serious that this one is at least half the size of the final copy.... and the one i'm on at the moment is almost as long as me when i stand up straight.
heh. yet more for the blossoming genius. i'm allowed in in half term, to work on any of my projects. 'anything for a stevens girl' he likes us all because we are the best spirited, and the best jokers in the school. I think he's the ideal replacement for my old tutor, as he's prepared to teach anyone that's keen and wants to learn. he's teaching one of my french teachers how to do stonework too, and I think it won't be long before i'm invegled into it.
mad bulgarians, I dunno. at least i'm having a little fun out of my life.
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