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So on a more positive note.

Chunterings about masks, el commedia del arte, and sketchbooks.

1) today in English Lit, The teacher stumbled on El commedia del arte, and Fiona nearly had to restrain me to stop me bouncing right out of the chair, and chuntering manically at the teacher. He must have realised how Interested I was, because i actually vocalised my thoughts, and nearly had to ask for another copy of the poem to notate as I was running out of room. '' is the poem in question that we were studying, and it was fantastic.
I got to talk a bit about masks, before I shut up and let other people speak.
2)tomorrow I get to do my Clay mould before I go and look after the children. I'm really quite excited, and have been looking forward to it all week.
3)I found my sketchbook and all my designs for the mask.
4) I've decided what the mask is going to look like. black detail around the eyes, a triumverate on the forehead, gold background, and bright blue lips. If I have the energy, I may try and make some spikes like rays of the sun to add onto the top.
sound a good idea?
I hope so.
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