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getting plastered before 3pm in the afternoon.

Saturday, of course.
After college was out, and after i'd finished setting the dining hall up for the charity event in the evening, Georgia and I went in search of a 3D art teacher. We found a very bemused Vlad, who came much more so when we told him what we wished to do.
He came with us to the pottery room, showed us where the bandage was, and laughed at me whilst G applied it liberally to my face. she seemed to get much more enjoyment out of that than I did, the strange girl.
He checked we knew what we were about, and then he wandered back off to the office, as he was on duty. I gave Georgia an idea of -how- to go about constructing my face, and once my mouth had been sealed (that stuff tastes rank) had to use hand or sms directions as to which bits felt far too brittle. Her and Vlad had a laugh during the process, and she took some pictures of me looking mummy like on the phone.
Once it was dry, it came off with no trouble, and I went to get cleared up a little in the Art block bathroom, as I had plaster in my hair and in my ears.
I took some pictures after I'd had my bath, but they mostly turned out too bright.
I'll include some anyway,for your amusement, below the cut.

(~that was my FACE imprinted in there. freaky.)

Freaking out people in house, The Mummy style. you get the idea.(strange girl I am)

Now, I need some help to think of the next stage. I'm thinking i'll make a longer lasting clay mould,as I know how fragile things that spend time around me can turn out to be,and Vlad told me if I came back this weekend, he'd help me with that, which is sweet of him. (especially as he thinks i'm -completely- crazy)
but from there on, I'm stuck. *laughs*
what shall I do?
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